About Dani

I'm a poet and freelancer, but currently writing a novel. My recent publications can be found here.

My heart is in nursing but my soul is a writer. I make my money saving lives one vagina at a time (yep, I’m a gynecology nurse). 

I am an active volunteer for an anti-sex trafficking non-profit that focuses on rehabilitating girls 15 and younger. My role is community education and public outreach. 

If this were a dating website I would tell you that my hobbies include travel, art, volleyball, and running. If I were being honest with you I'd tell you my top two hobbies are eating and laying on my ass reading. 

My favorite way to get to know someone is to ask them how they plan to survive the zombie apocalypse (your answers are welcome in the comments section). My plan? Die early and as painlessly as possible. Let's be real. I'd never survive. 

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